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Markatos N.C., Tatchell D.G., Cross M., Rhodes N. (eds.) Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow and Heat/Mass Transfer Processes

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Markatos N.C., Tatchell D.G., Cross M., Rhodes N. (eds.) Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow and Heat/Mass Transfer Processes
Springer-Verlag Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, Tokyo, 1986. 476 p. – (Lecture Notes in Engineering 18).
Table of contents
Plenary Session
H I Rosten & 0 B Spalding
Phoenics 84 and Beyond'
A Singhal
The Importance of Problem Formulation Process and and Overview of Phoenics Use In the USA
Internal Combustion Engines
M Verhoeve. J J Seppen & A H Visser
SISeA: A Simulation Model of the Uniflow Scavenging
Process of Two Stroke Diesel Engines'
P Shah & N C Markatos
On the 20 and 3D Analyses of Turbulent Flow In Internal Combustion Engines
J J Seppen & A H Visser
Intake and Exhaust Process in Combustion Engines
Development of SIFLEX'
Environmental Applications
U Svensson
Phoenics in Environmental Flows - A Review of Applications at SMHI
R Larsson
Corlolls Induced Secondary Currents in Channels
L Nyberg
Ice Formation In a River
K Haggkvist. C Anderson & R Taesler
Phoenics - Applications In Building Climatology
Fires and Explosions
R Waters
Air and Smoke Movement within a Large Enclosure
L Kjaldman & R Huhtanen
Numerical Simulation of Vapour Cloud and Dust
S Kumar. N Hoffman & G Cox
Some Validation of JASMINE for Fires In Hospital Wards
Nuclear Engineering
P J Phelps. 0 Kirkcaldy & B Purslow
Applications of the PHOENICS Code to LMFBR Plenum Analysis
S Fukuda & H Suzuki
Natural Convection Analysis of Nuclear Fuel Shipping Cask
G A Brown & P J Phelps
CDFR - Dlagrid Hydraulic Analysis using the Phoenics Code
B Purslow & A G Smith
A Comparison of PHOENICS Predictions for a Buoyant Vertical Jet with Experimental Data
G A Bhown & J Scriven
Shell-Side Hydraulic Phenomena in the Inlet and Outlet Regions of the CDFR Steam Generators
Aerospace Applications
A C H Mace. J S Rogerson & A G Smith
Axisymmetric Jet Expansion into a Cylindrical Tube
P M Mcconnell. S F Owens & R A Kamin
Prediction of Fuel Freezing in Airplane Fuel Tanks of Arbitrary Geometry
M P Davis. J C Ludwig & N Rhodes
The Application of Phoenics to Transonic Jets
M 0 Kannapel. A J Przekwas & A K Singhal
Two-Phase Flow Analysis for The Pressure Slump Problem of Space Shuttle's Oxygen Tank
S Olovsson. L Lofdahl & E Olsson
Flow Calculations in a Turbine Cascade using Phoenics - BFC
J P Edwards. 0 R Glynn & 0 G Tatchell
Flow and Blade Loading in Centrifugal Impellers
S Huang. L Lofdahl & E Olsson
Using Phoenics - BFC in the Design of a Convergent and Divergent Channel for the Simulation of a Cascade Flow
O J Veenhuizen
Flow between a Solid Wall and a Rotating Disc with Pressure Relief Holes
W A Mahaffey. T Mukerjee & A K Singhal
Prediction of Turbulent Ship Air-Wake Characteristics
Process Engineering
R Karvinen & H Ahlstedt
Use of Phoenics with Modifications In Some Process Problems
S J Baldwin. P R S White & A J AL-Daini
Investigation of the Gas Side Flow Field In a Circular Tube-Plate Fin Heat Exchanger
K A Pericleous & S N Drake
An Algebraic Slip Model of PHOENICS for Multi-Phase Applications
P Kostamis. C W Richards & N C Markatos
Numerical Modelling of Radiation Phenomena In Two-Phase Flows
P G Enright. J C Ludwig. S Rogers & L Katgerman
Mixing and Solidification of a Turbulent liquid Metal Jet
E Bochenek & F Kedzuir
Simulation of Conductive Stirring In Continuous Cast Strands with Phoenics
V R Voller. N C Markatos & M Cross
Solidification In Convection-Diffusion
A Castrejon & M J Andrews
A Procedure for Calculating Moving Interface Flows with Phoenics-84
External Flows
R Lovgren
Numerical 20 Air Flow Simulation Over a Backward Facing Step and a Block
D R Glynn & S M Rawnsley
Vortex Generation Around an Aerofoll In a Boundary Layer In a Flat Plate
S M Rawnsley & 0 R Glynn
Flow Around Road Vehicles
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