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Xu P., Wu Z., Mujumdar A.S. Mathematical Modeling of Industrial Transport Processes

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Xu P., Wu Z., Mujumdar A.S. Mathematical Modeling of Industrial Transport Processes
2 edition. — Transport Processes Research (TPR) Group National University of Singapore, Singapore, Copyright © 2012. 240 p. — ISBN-978-981-08-6269-5.
The success of the Workshop on Mathematical Modeling in Mineral, Metal and Materials Processing (WM5P) held in March 2009 at the National University of Singapore under the auspices of the Mineral, Metals & Materials Technology Centre (M3TC) provided us with the impetus to edit this e-book covering a broader range of topics in modeling of diverse industrial processes. The title of this book reflects this enhancement of the scope to meet the requirements of a diverse group of researchers, engineers as well as academic instructors. The authors of all chapters contained in this book are members or active collaborators of the Transport Processes Research (TPR) Group under the guidance of Professor Arun S. Mujumdar of the NUS mechanical engineering department and Director of M3TC. This book provides capsule summaries of some of the latest work being carried out at TPR. Interested readers can visit http://serve.me.nus.edu/arun for more details and literature citations as well as information on several other modeling projects under study or already completed in the recent past.
Modeling of Pulse Combustion
Innovative Designs of Hydrocylones: Modeling with CFD
Aerodynamic and Thermal Characteristics of a Maxwell Type Vortex Tube
Modelling Droplet Drying in Spray Dryers
Mathematical Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer in Gels
Mathematical Modeling of PEM Fuel Cell Stack: Thermal Management
Modeling of Li-ion Battery
Modeling PEMFC and New Designs via the CFD Approach
Modeling of Flow Behavior in Tundishes: Effect of Geometric Modifications
Mathematical Modeling of Bread Baking in an Impingement Oven
Fundamentals of Radiation Heat Transfer and Its Application to CCT (Clean Coal Technology)
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