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West D.B. Introduction to Graph Theory: Solution Manual

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West D.B. Introduction to Graph Theory: Solution Manual
Mathematics Department University of Illinois, 2005. — 520 p.
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This is the Summer 2005 version of the Instructor's Solution Manual for Introduction to Graph Theory , by Douglas B. West. Afew solutions have been added or clari fied since last year's version.
Also present is a (slightly edited) annotated syllabus for the one­ semester course taught from this book at the University of Illinois.
This version of the Solution Manual contains solutions for 99.4% of the problem sin Chapters1 7 and 93% of the problem sin Chapter 8 . The author believes that only Problems 4.2.10, 7.1.36, 7.1.37, 7.2.39, 7.2.47, and 7.3.31 in Chapters 1 7 are lacking solution shere. There problem sare too long or dif ficult for this text or use concepts not covered in the text; they will be deleted in the third edition.
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