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Shariff J. 50 Green Projects for the Evil Genius

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Shariff J. 50 Green Projects for the Evil Genius
The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 2009. XII+193 p. — ISBN: 978-0-07-154960-8.
Foreword by The Right Honourable
Paul Martin PC
Estimating Your Existing
Transportation Related
Finding Another
Way Around
Flat Isn’t Phat
Round and Round
Driving Smart
Staying Inside
Fabric Walls
Fixing Your Windows
Using Thermal Mass
Testing Methods of
Waste and Value
A Worm Compost Bin
Making a Bit of Methane
Return Your Trash
Ant Rules
Seed Bombs
Installing an Energy-Efficient Light Bulb
Calculating Your Energy
Savings from
Auditing Your Appliances with an Energy Meter
Getting Used to Better Than Off
A Responsible
Shopping List
Using Water
A Simple Water Purifier
Evaporative Cooling
Saving Water around the House
Collecting Rainwater
Heating with the Sun
A Simple Solar Cooker
Simply Heating Water with the Sun
A Circulating Water Heater
Solar Thermal Panels on your Roof
Solar Thermal Hot Water on the Roof of Your House
Water and Air
A Model Water Wheel
A Model-Sized Water Wheel
The Spiral Water Pump
Making a Fire Piston
Heat and Power
Demonstrating the Power of Hot Air
The Energy of a Hot Cup of Tea
Concentrated Solar Thermal Motion
A Thinking Man’s Cold
The Homopolar Motor
A Coin Battery
Take One Room Off-Grid
Solar Electricity
Assembling a Solar Module from PV Cells
PV Panels on Your Roof
Wind Power
A Plastic Cup Vertical Axis Drag Turbine
Raising a Guyed Tower
Installing the Turbine
Alternatives to Your Car
Traveling with a Leitra
Frame and Fabric Tops
A Zotefoam Fairing
Alternative Fuels for Transport
A Blender Batch of Biodiesel
Tearing Up Your Fuel System and Feeding in Waste
Spaces and Structures
Building with Earth
The $500 House
Attend a Public
Consultation or Planning
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