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Anderson. R., Fickie. K. Interior ballistics of high velocity gun, version 2 (IBHVG2). A user's guide

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Anderson. R., Fickie. K. Interior ballistics of high velocity gun, version 2 (IBHVG2). A user's guide
Technical Report. BRL-TR-
2829. Ballistic Research Laboratory. Aberdeen Proving Ground, 1987, -179 p.
IBHVG2, which stands for interior Ballistics of High Velocity Gun, version 2 is a lumped-parameter, interior ballistic computer code. The code, which was developed at the BRL, is an updated version of the classic Baer-Frankle interior ballistic code. IBHVG2 is used for calculation of interior ballistic trajectories, including gas pressure, projectile displacement and projectile velocity as a function of time. The code treats both regular and deterred propellants. It contains powerful variational and searching capacities, so that it can, for example, search and find the best propellant dimensions, given the maximum allowable gas pressure.
This report thoroughly documents IBHVG2, so that all of its many features can be used effectively. The report contains a detailed description of the range of possible user input and a descriptor, of both the algorithms embodied along with the FORTRAN subroutine which implement them. There are also complete examples of input and output from the code. Although the code has been written to be as generally applicable as possible, the report has a short section describing modifications that are necessary to enable the code to run on various computers and compiler combinations. A machine-readable copy of the code can be obtained by contacting the authors of this report.
Description of input decks
Subroutine descriptions
Algorithm descriptions
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