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Ahad M.A.R. Motion History Images for Action Recognition and Understanding

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Ahad M.A.R. Motion History Images for Action Recognition and Understanding
Издательство Springer, 2013, -132 pp.
This book is about the Motion History Image (MHI) and its developments. Broadly, it falls in the arena of computer vision and image processing. On a smaller scale, the book is on action/activity/gesture/gait recognition and human behavior analysis. It is known that human action analyses and recognition are challenging problems due to large variations in human motion and appearance, camera viewpoint, and various other issues related to environment settings. Though the field of action and activity representation and recognition is relatively old, yet it is not well understood by the student and research communities. Some important but common motion recognition problems are even now unsolved properly by the computer vision community. However, in the past decade, a number of good approaches have been proposed and evaluated subsequently by many researchers. Among those methods, MHI method and its variants get significant attention from many researchers in the computer vision field due to their better robustness and performance.
This book attempts to reduce the gap of information and materials on comprehensive outlook—through various strategies from scratch to mainly the MHI method and its variants, challenges, and applications. This book targets the students and researchers who have knowledge on image processing at a basic level and would like to explore more on this area and do research. The step-by-step methodologies will encourage one to move forward for a comprehensive knowledge on computer vision for recognizing various human actions, with the aid of the concept of the motion history images and its variants.
Some good features of this book are:
No book is available as per my knowledge that covers action recognition considering the MHI in a comprehensive manner in the arena of computer vision.
Both students (who have basic knowledge on image processing) and researchers can use this book for their academic learning and research purposes.
The book covers the MHI—a state-of-the-art method on recognition approach and it can guide a fellow on how to move forward.
This book can be used as a textbook (full or partial) for students of level-2 or above, who have studied basic image processing already in an earlier session—both for undergraduate and graduate students.
Action Representation
Motion History Image
Action Datasets and MHI
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