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Robinson Liana, Byrne Garrett, Janzen Andrea. Speaking Time 1. Teacher's Book

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Robinson Liana, Byrne Garrett, Janzen Andrea. Speaking Time 1. Teacher's Book
Compass Publishing, 2013. — 100 p. — ISBN 978-1-59966-618-1.
Speaking Time is a fun, easy-to-use three-level speaking series designed for elementary school students of English.
The activities presented in each unit of the books help students expand their basic speaking skills through guided practice. Additional listening and pair-work activities provide opportunities for students to hear spoken models and practice their own oral communicative skills in communicative activities.
The content of Speaking Time covers a wide range of theme-based topics over twenty units per book. Each unit contains four pages of linked language practice based on a given modeled speech. Each unit builds up to a mini presentation, giving learners confidence to operate in English-speaking academic environments. Many of the target phrases are recorded on a high-quality CD featuring native English speakers. This ensures critical early exposure to correct English pronunciation, stress, and intonation.
* easy-to-use, speaking-based activities that need minimal teacher preparation
* subject matter accessible to young learners
* clearly-presented modeled language samples
* CD with one hundred audio tracks of native-English speaker pronunciation
* full-color pictures to guide comprehension and anticipation of material
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