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Tomonaga S. Quantum mechanics. Vol. 1: Old quantum theory

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Tomonaga S. Quantum mechanics. Vol. 1: Old quantum theory
North Holland, 1962. - 313 pp.
The intention of the author in writing this book is to serve the reader with a textbook by which he can learn quantum theory from the beginning. Younger students trying to appreciate quantum concepts often find some inconveniences, since there are few books in which the infancy of the theory, the course of how the quantum concepts have been discovered and generally recognized, is described in the light of the modern point of view.
For example, in most of the textbooks on quantum mechanics, only few pages are devoted to the description of Planck's theory of heat radiation or Bohr's theory of atomic structure, topics where the quantum concepts had originated and had revealed their universal nature. It may be said that today there is no need to start from Planck's discovery and to learn Bohr's old theory in order to master quantum mechanics. But the theory of heat radiation is in itself an important and interesting branch of physics and Bohr's theory still remains a useful way of describing intra-atomic events. Thus the author expects that this book may be appreciated not only by the beginners, but also by those who are already familiar with modern quantum mechanics.
The author has tried to show in this book how the present quantum mechanics has been built up instead of trying merely to introduce it in its established form. This book is thus written in the form of tracing the historical development of quantum theory. But the intention of the author is not to write a book of science history. The reader will find everywhere many anachronistic descriptions and distortions from the historical point of view. The author arbitrarily rearranged the materials so as to fit the purpose of elucidating as clearly as possible the intricate ways of thinking and of raising questions of many geniuses.
Sin-itiro Tomonaga was a brilliant theoretical physicist who received the 1965 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contribution to quantum electrodynamics.
The discovery of the energy quantum.
The corpuscular nature of light.
The old quantum mechanics.
The shell structure of the atoms.
The birth of matrix mechanics.
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