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Nielsen M.A., Chuang I.L. Quantum Computation and Quantum Information: 10th Anniversary Edition

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Nielsen M.A., Chuang I.L. Quantum Computation and Quantum Information: 10th Anniversary Edition
Cаmbridge University Press, 2010. - 676 pp.
One of the most cited books in physics of all time, Quantum Computation and Quantum Information remains the best textbook in this exciting field of science. This 10th Anniversary Edition includes a new Introduction and Afterword from the authors setting the work in context.
This comprehensive textbook describes such remarkable effects as fast quantum algorithms, quantum teleportation, quantum cryptography, and quantum error-correction. Quantum mechanics and computer science are introduced, before moving on to describe what a quantum computer is, how it can be used to solve problems faster than classical computers, and its real-world implementation. It concludes with an in-depth treatment of quantum information.
Containing a wealth of figures and exercises, this well-known textbook is ideal for courses on the subject, and will interest beginning graduate students and researchers in physics, computer science, mathematics, and electrical engineering.
Fundamental concepts
Introduction and overview.
Introduction to quantum mechanics.
Introduction to computer science.
Quantum computation
Quantum circuits.
The quantum Fourier transform and its applications.
Quantum search algorithms.
Quantum computers: physical realization.
Quantum information
Quantum noise and quantum operations.
Distance measures for quantum information.
Quantum error-correction.
Entropy and information.
Quantum information theory.
Appendix 1: Notes on basic probability theory.
Appendix 2: Group theory.
Appendix 3: The Solovay-Kitaev theorem.
Appendix 4: Number theory.
Appendix 5: Public key cryptography and the RSA cryptosystem.
Appendix 6: Proof of Lieb’s theorem.
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