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Choi T.-M. (Ed.) Handbook of EOQ Inventory Problems: Stochastic and Deterministic Models and Applications

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Choi T.-M. (Ed.) Handbook of EOQ Inventory Problems: Stochastic and Deterministic Models and Applications
Springer, 2013. — 306 p. — ISBN: 1461476380, 9781461476382
Series: International Series in Operations Research & Management Science, Vol. 197
The Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) inventory model first appeared in 1913, and in its centennial, it is still one of the most important inventory models. Despite the abundance of both classical and new research results, there was (until now) no comprehensive reference source that provides the state-of-the-art findings on both theoretical and applied research on the EOQ and its related models. This edited handbook puts together all these interesting works and the respective insights into an edited volume.
The handbook contains papers which explore both the deterministic and the stochastic EOQ-model based problems and applications. It is organized into three parts: Part I presents three papers that provide an introduction and review of various EOQ related models. Part II includes four technical analyses on single-echelon EOQ-model based inventory problems. Part III consists of five papers on applications of the EOQ model for multi-echelon supply chain inventory analysis.
A Century of the EOQ.- Multi-period Lot-sizing with Stationary Demand: Extension to Forecast Horizons.- EOQ Models with Supply Disruptions.- Existence of EOQ and Its Evaluation: Some Cases of Stock Blow Down Dynamics Depending on Its Level.- Generalizing the Ordering Cost and Holding-Backlog Cost Rate Functions in EOQ-type Inventory Models.- Economic and Environmental Performance of the Firm: Synergy or Trade-off? Insights from the EOQ Model.- EOQ Models with Two Modes of Freight Transportation and All-Units Quantity Discounts.- An EOQ-based Spare Parts Network Design.- Supply Chain Coordination with Energy Price Uncertainty, Carbon Emission Cost, and Product Return.- Coordinating a Supply Chain with an EOQ Model.- The Utility of EOQ in Supply Chain Design and Operation.- Modeling a Coordinated Manufacturer-Buyer Single-Item System Under Vendor-Managed Inventory.
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