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Laloë F. Do We Really Understand Quantum Mechanics

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Laloë F. Do We Really Understand Quantum Mechanics
Cambridge University Press, 2012. — 410 p.
Quantum mechanics is a very successful theory that has impacted on many areas of physics, from pure theory to applications. However, it is difficult to interpret, and philosophical contradictions and counter-intuitive results are apparent at a
fundamental level. In this book, Laloë presents our current understanding of the theory.
The book explores the basic questions and difficulties that arise with the theory of quantum mechanics. It examines the various interpretations that have been proposed, describing and comparing them and discussing their successes and difficulties.The book is ideal for researchers in physics and mathematics who want to know more about the problems faced in quantum mechanics but who do not have specialist knowledge in the subject. It will also appeal to philosophers of science and scientists who are interested in quantum physics and its peculiarities.
Historical perspective
Present situation, remaining conceptual difficulties
The theorem of Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen
Bell theorem
More theorems
Quantum entanglement
Applications of quantum entanglement
Quantum measurement
Experiments, quantum reduction seen in real time
Various interpretations
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