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Stewart G., Brown K.G. Human Resource Management

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Stewart G., Brown K.G. Human Resource Management
Wiley, 2010. — 664 — 2nd ed. — ISBN: 0470530499, 9780470530498
As organisations take a more strategic approach to managing people, human resource managers need a resource that focuses on this approach. This second edition does just that. It integrates unique new features and revises the content to make concepts easier to understand and apply.
Increased coverage of diversity and globalisation is included. Additional discussions reflect the current economic and business environment and how that is impacting a company’s HR strategies and practices. The Technology boxes in each chapter now take on a new twist and highlight some of the most current trends like social networking. Human resource managers will be able to use these concepts as they find out how to deal with the changing business environment.
Seeing People as a Strategic Resource.
Creating Value Through Human Resources.
Making Human Resource Management Strategic.
Ensuring Equal Employment Opportunity and Safety.
Securing Effective Employees.
Designing Productive and Satisfying Work.
Recruiting Talented Employees.
Selecting Employees Who Fit.
Managing Employee Retention and Separation.
Improving Employee Performance.
Measuring Performance and Providing Feedback.
Training for Improved Performance.
Developing Employees and Their Careers.
Motivating and Managing Employees.
Motivating Employees Through Compensation.
Designing Compensation and Benefit Packages.
Working Effectively with Labor.
Aligning Strategy with Practice.
Appendices (available online)
Appendix A Occupational Outlook for HR Managers and Specialists.
Appendix B Human Resource Certification Institute Bodies of Knowledge.
Appendix C Human Resource Planning Society Knowledge Areas.
Appendix D Major Employment Laws in the United States.
Appendix E Organizations of Interest to HR Students and Professionals.
Appendix F Journals Useful to HR Students and Professionals.
Name and Company Index.
Subject Index.
Photo Credits.
Appendix Summary.
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