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Hoffman J.D. Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists

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Hoffman J.D. Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists
New York, NY, USA. Marcel Dekker, Inc. Basel, Switzerland.Marcel Dekker AG. Second Edition, Revised and Expanded. 2001. 825 p. ISBN: 0-8247-0443-
6. A great textbook for a first course in Numerical Methods as it gives an extensive yet detailed coverage of numerical techniques that form the base for more advanced work in CFD. This book is based almost entirely on the finite difference method for solving differential equations (ordinary and partial). A chapter addresses finite element techniques but it is in the spirit of a primer; you will need a textbook solely devoted to FEM. This book is primarily for the mechanical engineer, as most of the governing equations are invariably from the areas of heat transfer, fluid flow, gas dynamics and solid mechanics.
The second edition of this book contains several major improvements over the first edition. Some of these improvements involve format and presentation philosophy, and some of the changes involve old material which has been deleted and new material which has been added.
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