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Pritchard C.L. Risk Management: Concepts and Guidance

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Pritchard C.L. Risk Management: Concepts and Guidance
ESI International, 2001. — 340 p. — ISBN: 1890367303, 9781890367305.
Risk Management: Concepts and Guidance, third edition, is an encyclopedia of risk management tools, practices and protocols. Its 35 tool-packed chapters cover the latest perspectives on risk, focusing on a systematic approach to risk management. It highlights specific techniques to enhance organizational risk identification, assessment and management, all within the project and program environments.
About the Author.
About ESI International.
Risk Processes and Practices-Why Risk Management?.
Risk Management Practices.
Risk Concepts.
The Risk Management Structure.
Risk Management Techniques.
Expert Interviews.
Planning Meetings.
Risk Practice Methodology.
Documentation Reviews.
Analogy Comparisons.
Plan Evaluation.
Delphi Technique.
Crawford Slip Method (CSM).
SWOT Analysis.
Project Templates.
Assumptions Analysis.
Decision Analysis-Expected Monetary Value.
Estimating Relationships.
Network Analysis (Excluding PERT).
Other Diagramming Techniques.
Rating Schemes.
Risk Modeling.
Monte Carlo Simulations.
Risk Factors.
Risk Response Matrix.
Performance Tracking and Technical.
Performance Measurement.
Risk Reviews and Audits.
Other Common Techniques.
Appendix A: Contractor Risk Management.
Appendix B: An Abbreviated List of Risk Sources.
Appendix C: Basic Probability Concepts.
Appendix D: Quantifying Expert Judgment.
Appendix E: Special Notes on Software Risk.
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