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Javvin Technologies. Network Dictionary

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Javvin Press, 2007. — 560 p.: — ISBN 978-1-60267-000-6.

Networking, Internet, telecom, wireless, computer, hardware and software multiple dictionaries in one. A "Must have" reference for IT/Networking professionals and students!
Trying to understand computer networking and telecommunication technologies can be complicated and aggravating, but we're looking to make it just a tiny bit simpler. The world of networking and telecom is filled up to its neck with a plethora of acronyms, thousands of unique terms and phrases. Trust us, we know. But finally, there's a place where you can find all of these scattered bits and pieces of data, and all under one cover. So, whether you're the biggest technology geek or simply a computer enthusiast, this integral reference tool can help you shed light on the terms that'll pop up in your daily life. Welcome to the Network Dictionary.
The communications industry is in the process of convergence: data and voice services are provided by one extended network, wireless and wire-line networks are integrated, computers are connected through the big melting pot that is the Internet. So why shouldn't be a technical dictionary to match that convergence of technologies and services? This dictionary includes terms from multiple fields that were separated before. Terms, phrases used across multiple fields can mean many different things. Complicated. We mark every term by its primary fields so that readers can better understand the context and background of the term. Uncomplicated.
The categories used in the book are:
Networking: includes data networking phrases, pluses terms related to the Internet
Protocol: includes protocols used and defined in various communications industries
Security: includes networking, computing and information security related terms
Telecom: includes terms primarily for traditional voice communication through wire-lines
Wireless: terms for wireless communications that may be local, fixed, or mobile
Hardware: terms related to computer and network hardware
Software: computer software phrases and terms
Organization: includes government organizations and industrial associations
It is always a challenge to select the right terms for a dictionary, especially when multiple industries are involved. Old terms become out of date quickly and new terms are invented every day. We tried our best to maintain a balance between thoroughness and size. In this version we included about 11,000 entries.
For readers who prefer reading on the web, the contents of the book are available on our web sites for free. So be sure to check out http://www.networkdictionary.com and http://www.javvin.com We also host a wiki for readers and audiences who want to participate in the writing and editing of anything network related: http://wiki.networkdictionary.com.
The computer, networking and telecom industries are still developing in fast pace. We will make every effort to keep this book accurate and timely. At the same time, we welcome our colleagues and readers to write or suggest new terms for the future editions of this dictionary. As a token of our appreciation, we will send you a copy of the book, if the terms written by you are included in any future edition.
Many of the words used in this book are registered trademarks. We use those words purely for the purpose of explain a related concept, without making any efforts to verify the legal status of the words. Please check with the trademark owners for further information.
The editors of the Network Dictionary want to thank the anonymous authors of the Wikipedia.org, which is the most often used reference site while compiling this book.
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