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Larin Vladimir N. Hydridic Earth: the New Geology of Our Primordially Hydrogen-rich Planet

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Larin Vladimir N. Hydridic Earth: the New Geology of Our Primordially Hydrogen-rich Planet
Polar publishing, 1993. — 242 p. — ISBN 0-9694506-2-1.
Editor on translation C. Warren Hunt.
На английском языке.
Более новая версия этой работы доступна на русском языке под названием "Наша Земля".
Starting with first principles, Larin shows that ionization potentials are the only feasible explanation for the distribution of elements and mass in the solar system and that the Earth must have accreted without melting, its core at first being a hydrogen-saturated mixture of elements of the "intermetal" type. Intermetals, which the author has created and studied in the laboratory, are metals that have been phase-changed by injection of "proton gas" [H nuclei] within their electron orbits.
This is new cosmo-chemistry, and it mitigates new geology by introducing entirely new concepts such as metallic composition for the middle and lower mantle, silicate-oxide composition being confined to the upper mantle and crust. A new theory of geosyncline development is proven with laboratory models, resolving old enigmas while [presciently] not conflicting with the geoidal deformation concept of geosyncline development set forth by Peter James in his later book of this series. Larin deals in detail with formation of Earth's crust and with problems of plate tectonics, continental drifting as posited by PT enthusiasts.
Detailed chapters are devoted to seafloor spreading, to evolution of oceans, to rifting, trench development, and to metallogeny of rifts. Oceanic metal anomalies are shown to originate from deep planetary levels, rather than by surficial relocation of metals. Resolution is reached for long-standing paradoxes of isotope dating of the Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, and U-Pb systems. New concepts of the origin and behavior of planetary magnetic fields and other enigmas related to the geology of the terrestriial planets and the Moon [e.g. mascons] are enunciated.
Every serious student of the Earth sciences should understand the new insights of V.N. Larin as set forth in Hydridic Earth.
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