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Lieuwen Tim C. Unsteady Combustor Physics

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Lieuwen Tim C. Unsteady Combustor Physics
New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, S˜ao Paulo, Delhi, Mexico City: Cambridge University Press, 2012. 475 p. — ISBN 978-1-107-01599-9.
Clean, sustainable energy systems are a preeminent issue of our time. Most projections indicate that combustion-based energy conversion systems will continue to be the predominant approach for the majority of our energy usage. Unsteady combustor issues pose the key challenges associated with the development of clean, high-efficiency combustion systems such as those used for power generation, heating, or propulsion applications. This comprehensive study is unique in that it treats this subject in a systematic manner. Although this book focuses on unsteady combusting flows, it places particular emphasis on the system dynamics that occur at the intersection of the combustion, fluid mechanics, and acoustic disciplines. Individuals with a background in fluid mechanics and combustion will find this book to be an incomparable study that synthesizes these fields into a coherent understanding of the intrinsically unsteady processes in combustors.
Summary Contents
Overview of the Book
Overview and Basic Equations
Decomposition and Evolution of Disturbances
Hydrodynamic Flow Stability I: Introduction
Hydrodynamic Flow Stability II: Common Combustor Flow Fields
Acoustic Wave Propagation I – Basic Concepts
Acoustic Wave Propagation II – Heat Release, Complex
Geometry, and Mean Flow Effects
Flame–Flow Interactions
Internal Flame Processes
Flame Stabilization, Flashback, Flameholding, and Blowoff
Forced Response I – Flamelet Dynamics
Forced Response II – Heat Release Dynamics
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