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Weber R.L. A Random Walk in Science

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Weber R.L. A Random Walk in Science
Collection of jokes.
IOP Publishing, Bristol, First published 1973, Reprinted 2001. — 234 p. — ISBN: 085498027X.
An anthology compiled by the late R. L. Weber (1913-1997). Edited by E. Mendoza
This anthology started life as a collection of jokes about physics. Physicists, thought Professor Weber, took themselves too seriously and would benefit from the opportunity to laugh at themselves. But it was not long before he added another more serious ingredient and broadened the scope to include other subjects close to physics. The manuscript came to be entitled ‘Humour and Humanism in Science’ and it was in this form that it was submitted to The Institute of Physics. It seemed to me, however, that a collection overwhelmingly drawn from the twentieth century lacked those deeper notes-the graver modes, Rayleigh would have called them-with which physics, with its long and turbulent history, so resonates. The character of the book gradually changed as many cynical wisecracks from today’s whizz kids gave place to more measured pronouncements from the giants of our history, and the more obscure in-jokes were discarded in favour of dramas and tragedies from the past. This is not a scholarly book; it has been arranged for dipping into, for casual reading, and many of the articles have been condensed.
Foreword. William Cooper.
Introduction. Robert L. Weber and Eric Mendoca.
Collection of jokes.
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