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Osprey Campaign №209. Latimer J. Niagara 1814: The final invasion

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Osprey Campaign №209. Latimer J. Niagara 1814: The final invasion
Osprey Publishing, 2009. — 100 p. — ISBN 1846034396.
The War of 1812 (or the American War as it is known in Britain) has the strange distinction of being a war largely forgotten by both of its main participants. Despite being overshadowed by the Napoleonic Wars raging in Europe, the War of 1812 saw Americans, British, Canadians, and Native Americans wage an increasing brutal conflict all along the border. By 1814, with war coming to a close in Europe, the Americans decided to launch one last, major land offensive in an attempt to seize Canada. Although previous attempts had most often ended in disaster, the American army of 1814 contained several highly trained units under competent leadership including the legendary Winfield Scott. This final Niagara campaign saw a number of pitched battles including Chippawa, Lundy's Lane, and Cook's Mill, where the American Bluecoats matched the British shot for shot. However, due to poor planning at the highest levels of American office, the campaign was ultimately a failure and the result ensured the survival of Canada as an independent state.
A critically-acclaimed researcher on the War of 1812, author John Latimer presents a new look at an oft-forgotten yet crucially important campaign in the history of North America.
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