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Borovikov V.A., Kinber B.Ye. Geometrical theory of diffraction

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Borovikov V.A., Kinber B.Ye. Geometrical theory of diffraction
The Institution of Engineering and Technology, London, 1994, 402 pp. – (IEE Electromagnetic waves series, vol. 37)
We updated the Russian original of the book by including pertinent results obtained in recent years. New material has been specially written for the western reader poorly versed in the works of Russian authors. A natural course of events in GTD research has brought about parallel efforts in different countries and often the publications of the Russian authors lead their counterparts in the USA and elsewhere by 10-15 years. By way of example we refer to work devoted to diffraction by polygons. Had these publications been immediately known to western researchers the theory could have advanced at a faster pace. Unfortunately, the situation with the literature persists and, as before, some effective ideas and methods developed in our country remain unknown to readers at large. Therefore, in updating the book we paid particular attention to the results of Russian authors that are practically unknown elsewhere.
Fundamendals of the geometrical theory of diffraction
Ray fields and reflections from smooth bodies
Caustic and focal expansions
Diffracted waves
GTD or physical optics methods?
Diffraction by bodies of complex geometry
Diffraction at open end of waveguide
Methods and results of asympotic diffraction theory
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