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Belloc H. The House of Commons and monarchy

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Belloc H. The House of Commons and monarchy
London: Allen & Unwin, 1920. - 190 p.
Belloc's mature thought on political systems in general and on the state of England in particular.
The main function of government is "to protect the weak man against the strong, and therefore to prevent the accumulation of wealth in a few hands, the corruption of the Courts of Justice and of the sources of public opinion".
He explains the nature of monarchy, aristocracy and democracy, the conditions in which they can function, their advantages and disadvantages as systems of government and their relation to English requirements.
A scathing denunciation of the corruption and irresponsibility of the House of Commons which had lost the respect of the governed. An appeal for a return to true monarchy, rather than puppet kings, as the only hope for England. A prophecy that England cannot remain great, nor Englishmen achieve true freedom and fulfilment, if they continue to tolerate the existing oligarchy.
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