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Sandberg G., Ohayon R. (eds) Computational aspects of structural acoustics and vibration

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Sandberg G., Ohayon R. (eds) Computational aspects of structural acoustics and vibration
Springer, Wien, NewYork, 2008, 281 pp.
Computational methods within structural acoustics, vibration and fluid-structure interaction are powerful tools for investigating acoustic and structural-acoustic problems in many sectors of industry; in the building industry regarding room acoustics, in the car industry and aeronautical industry for optimizing structural components with regard to vibrations characteristics etc. It is on the verge of becoming a common tool for noise characterization and design for optimizing structural properties and geometries in order to accomplish a desired acoustic environment.
The book is addressed to graduate level, PhD students and young researchers interested in structural dynamics, vibrations and acoustics. It is also suitable for industrial researchers in mechanical, aeronautical and civil engineering with a professional interest in structural dynamics, vibrations and acoustics or involved in questions regarding noise characterization and reduction in building, car, plane, space, train, industries by means of computer simulations.


Variational Formulations of Interior Structural-Acoustic Vibration Problems - by J.-F. Deil and W. Larbi and R. Ohayon.
Fundamentals of Fluid-Structure Interaction - by G. Sandberg, P.-A. Wernberg and P. Davidsson .
Sound in Vibrating Cabins: Physical Effects, Mathematical Description, Computational Simulation with FEM – F. Ihlenburg
Model Based Partitioned Simulation of Coupled Systems – С. A. Felippa and К. С Park.
On Topological Design Optimization of Structures Against Vibration and Noise Emission - by N. Olhoff and J. Du.
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