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Fehske H., Schneider R., Weibe A. (Eds.) Computational Many-Particle Physics

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Fehske H., Schneider R., Weibe A. (Eds.) Computational Many-Particle Physics
Springer, 2008. — 773 p.
The increasing importance of computational many-particle physics calls for a comprehensive introduction into this rapidly developing field suitable for graduate students and young researchers. Therefore, we decided to organize a summer school on Computational Many-Particle Physics in September 2006, during the 550th anniversary of the University Greifswald. Generously sponsored by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation and hosted by the Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics and the Institute for Physics, we brought together more than 40 students and 20 distinguished scientists working on such diverse fields as fusion plasmas, statistical physics, solid state theory and high performance computing. The present Lecture Notes summarize and extend the material showcased over a 2-week period of tightly scheduled tutorials, seminars and exercises.
Molecular Dynamics
Introduction to Molecular Dynamics - Ralf Schneider, Amit Raj Sharma, and Abha Rai.
Wigner Function Quantum Molecular Dynamics - V. S. Filinov, M. Bonitz, A. Filinov, and V. O. Golubnychiy.
Classical Monte Carlo
The Monte Carlo Method, an Introduction - Detlev Reiter.
Monte Carlo Methods in Classical Statistical Physics - Wolfhard Janke.
The Monte Carlo Method for Particle Transport Problems - Detlev Reiter.
Kinetic Modelling
The Particle-in-Cell Method - David Tskhakaya.
Gyrokinetic and Gyrofluid Theory and Simulation of Magnetized Plasmas - Richard D. Sydora.
Semiclassical Approaches
Boltzmann Transport in Condensed Matter - Franz Xaver Bronold.
Semiclassical Description of Quantum Many-Particle Dynamics in Strong Laser Fields - Thomas Fennel and Jorg Kohn.
Quantum Monte Carlo
World-line and Determinantal Quantum Monte Carlo Methods for Spins, Phonons and Electrons - F.F. Assaad and H.G. Evertz.
Autocorrelations in Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations of Electron-Phonon Models - Martin Hohenadler and Thomas C. Lang.
Diagrammatic Monte Carlo and Stochastic Optimization Methods for Complex Composite Objects in Macroscopic Baths - A. S. Mishchenko.
Path Integral Monte Carlo Simulation of Charged Particles in Traps - Alexei Filinov, Jens Boning, and Michael Bonitz.
Ab-Initio Methods in Physics and Chemistry
Ab-Initio Approach to the Many-Electron Problem - Alexander Quandt.
Ab-Initio Methods Applied to Structure Optimization and Microscopic Modelling - Alexander Quandt.
Effective Field Approaches
Dynamical Mean-Field Approximation and Cluster Methods for Correlated Electron Systems - Thomas Pruschke.
Local Distribution Approach - Andreas Alvermann and Holger Fehske.
Iterative Methods for Sparse Eigenvalue Problems
Exact Diagonalization Techniques - Alexander Weie and Holger Fehske.
Chebyshev Expansion Techniques - Alexander Weie and Holger Fehske.
The Density Matrix Renormalisation Group: Concepts and Applications
The Conceptual Background of Density-Matrix Renormalization - Ingo Peschel and Viktor Eisler.
Density-Matrix Renormalization Group Algorithms - Eric Jeckelmann.
Dynamical Density-Matrix Renormalization Group - Eric Jeckelmann and Holger Benthien.
Studying Time-Dependent Quantum Phenomena with the Density-Matrix Renormalization Group - Reinhard M. Noack, Salvatore R. Manmana, Stefan Wessel, and Alejandro Muramatsu.
Applications of Quantum Information in the Density-Matrix Renormalization Group - O. Legeza, R.M. Noack, J. Solyom, and L. Tincani.
Density-Matrix Renormalization Group for Transfer Matrices: Static and Dynamical Properties of 1D Quantum Systems at Finite Temperature - Stefan Glocke, Andreas Kl.umper, and Jesko Sirker.
Concepts of High Performance Computing
Architecture and Performance Characteristics of Modern High Performance Computers - Georg Hager and Gerhard Wellein.
Optimization Techniques for Modern High Performance Computers - Georg Hager and Gerhard Wellein.
Appendix: Abbreviations.
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