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Khurmi R.S., Gupta J.K. Theory of Machines

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Khurmi R.S., Gupta J.K. Theory of Machines
14th ed. — S. Chand & Co. Ltd., New Dehli, 2005. — 1062 p. — (Machinery).
While writing the book,we have continuously kept in mind the examination requirments of the students preparing for U.P.S.C.(Engg. Services)and A.M.I.E.(I)examinations.In order to make this volume more useful for them,complete solutions of their examination papers up to 1975 have also been included.Every care has been taken to make this treatise as self-explanatory as possible.The subject matter has been amply illustrated by incorporating a good number of solved,unsolved and well graded examples of almost every variety.
Kinematics of motion
Kinetics of motion
Simple harmonic motion
Simple mechanics
Velocity in mechanisms (Instantaneous center method)
Velocity in mechanisms (Relative velocity method)
Acceleration in mechanisms
Mechanisms with lower pairs
Belt, Rope and chain drives
Toothed gearing
Gear trains
Gyroscopic couple and precessional motion
Inertia forces in reciprocating parts
Turning moment diagrams and flywheel
Steam engine valves and reversing gears
Brakes and dynamo-meters
Balancing of rotating masses
Balancing of reciprocating masses
Longitudinal and transverse vibrations
Torsional vibrations
Computer aided analysis and synthesis of mechanisms
Automatic control
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