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Kothandaraman C.P., Rudramoorthy R., Fluid Mechanics And Machinery

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Kothandaraman C.P., Rudramoorthy R., Fluid Mechanics And Machinery
New Age International, 2006 - Electronic books - 712 pages
The Text Provides The Following:Guidance In Building Of Physical And Mathematical Models.Numerical Examples For Each Of The Equations Derived Numbering More Than
100.Sketches And Illustrations Numbering More Than
200.Solved Problems To Highlight Whole Spectrum Of Applications Numbering More Than
400.Objective Questions For Self Evaluation Numbering More Than
700.Graded Problems For Exercise Mostly With Answers, Numbering More Than
450.Stress On Validation Of Numerical Results By Counter Checking.
Physical Properties of Fluids
Pressure Distribution in Fluids
Forces on Surfaces Immersed in Fluids
Buoyancy Forces and Stability of Floating Bodies
Fluid Flow—Basic Concepts—Hydrodynamics
Bernoulli Equation and Applications
Flow in Closed Conduits (Pipes)
Dimensional Analysis
Similitude and Model Testing
Boundary Layer Theory and Flow Over Surfaces
Flow Measurements
Flow in Open Channels
Dynamics of Fluid Flow
Hydraulic Turbines
Rotodynamic Pumps
Reciprocating Pumps
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