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Biegler L., Grossmann I. e.a. Systematic Methods of Chemical Process Design

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Biegler L., Grossmann I. e.a. Systematic Methods of Chemical Process Design
Prentice Hall, 1997. — 796 p.
Brings together all the information engineers and researchers need to develop efficient, cost-effective chemical production processes. The book presents a systematic approach to chemical process design, covering both continuous and batch processes. Starting with the basics, the book then moves on to advanced topics. Among the topics covered are: flowsheet synthesis, mass and energy balances, equipment sizing and costing, economic evaluation, process simulation and optimization. The book also covers specific chemical processes such as distillation systems, reactor networks, separation, and heat exchange networks. It shows how to build more flexible processes, including multiproduct batch processes. Any researcher or practicing engineer involved in designing chemical processes.
Introduction to Process Design.
Preliminary Analysis and Evaluation of Processes.
Overview of Flowsheet Synthesis.
Mass and Energy Balances.
Equipment Sizing and Costing.
Economic Evaluation.
Design and Scheduling of Batch Processes.
Analysis with Rigorous Process Models.
Unit Equation Models.
General Concepts of Simulation for Process Design.
Process Flowsheet Optimization.
Basic Concepts in Process Synthesis.
Heat and Power Integration.
Ideal Distillation Systems.
Heat Integrated Distillation Processes.
Geometric Techniques for the Synthesis of Reactor Networks.
Separating Azeotropic Mixtures.
Optimization Approaches to Process Synthesis and Design.
Basic Concepts for Algorithmic Methods.
Synthesis of Heat Exchanger Networks.
Synthesis of Distillation Sequences.
Simultaneous Optimization and Heat Integration.
Optimization Techniques for Reactor Network Synthesis.
Structural Optimization of Process Flowsheets.
Process Flexibility.
Optimal Design and Scheduling for Multiproduct Batch Plants.
Appendix: Summary of Optimization Theory and Methods.
Appendix: Smooth Approximations for max { 0, f(x)}.
Appendix: Computer Tools for Preliminary Process Design.
Author Index.
Subject Index.
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