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Auras R., Lim L-T. (eds.) e.a. Poly(lactic acid): Synthesis, Structures, Properties, Processing, and Applications

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Auras R., Lim L-T. (eds.) e.a. Poly(lactic acid): Synthesis, Structures, Properties, Processing, and Applications
1 edition. — Wiley, 2010. — 528 p.
This book describes the synthesis, properties, and processing methods of poly(lactic acid) (PLA), an important family of degradable plastics. As the need for environmentally-friendly packaging materials increases, consumers and companies are in search for new materials that are largely produced from renewable resources, and are recyclable. To that end, an overall theme of the book is the biodegradability, recycling, and sustainability benefits of PLA. The chapters, from a base of international expert contributors, describe specific processing methods, spectroscopy techniques for PLA analysis, and and applications in medical items, packaging, and environmental use.
List of Contributors.
Chemistry and Production of Lactic Acid, Lactide and Poly(lactic acid).
Production and Purification of Lactic Acid and Lactide.
Chemistry and Thermodynamic Properties of Lactic acid and Lactide and Solvent Miscibility.
Industrial Production of High Molecular Weight Poly(lactic acid).
Design and Synthesis of Different types of poly(lactic acid).
Structure and Properties of Stereocomplex-type Poly(lactic acid).
Properties of Poly(lactic acid)
Chemical Structure of Poly(lactic acid).
Chemical Compatibility of Poly(lactic acid) A Practical Framework using Hansen Solubility Parameters.
Optical Properties.
Crystallization and Thermal Properties.
Rheology of Poly(lactic acid).
Mechanical Properties.
Permeation, Sorption, and Diffusion in Poly(lactic acid).
Processing and Conversion of Poly(lactic acid)
Properties of Poly(lactic acid).
Poly(lactic acid)/Starch Blends.
Poly(lactic acid) Blends.
Spinning of Poly(lactic acid) Fibers.
Degradation and Environmental Issues.
Hydrolytic Degradation.
Enzymatic Degradation.
Thermal Degradation.
Photodegradation and Radiation Degradation .
Cradle to Gate Environmental Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment of Poly(lactic acid).
Medical Applications.
Packaging and Other Commercial Applications.
Textile Industry Applications.
Environmental Applications.
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