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De Vivo B., Belkin H., Lima A. Environmental Geochemistry: Site Characterization, Data Analysis and Case Histories

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De Vivo B., Belkin H., Lima A. Environmental Geochemistry: Site Characterization, Data Analysis and Case Histories
Elsevier Science; 1 edition (August 4, 2008), 350 pages.
This volume contains chapters spanning from the role of geochemistry in the environment in general to specific investigations on site characterization (sampling strategy, analytical procedures and problems). Specific articles deal with health problems related to environment pollution, waste disposal, data base management, and provide illustrations of specific case histories of site characterization and remediation of brownfield sites.
* Comprehensive analysis providing background information ranging from geochemistry in general to specific investigations
* Provides practical insight through case study material
* Informs and updates students and practitioners on hot topics, latest trends and developments
The role of geochemistry in environment and health problems
Regional Programs. FOREGS. Sampling methods for different media - Stream sediments, soils, waters.
Environmental impact of the disposal of solid by-products from waste incineration processes.
Household hazardous waste disposal as a pathway for environmental pollution
Sampling methods for site characterization and waste disposal
Site investigations of stream and groundwaters: How to avoid getting into deep water
Methods of chemical analysis of organics and quality controls
Data base management at regional scale.
Data analysis and treatment, at local scale, using GIS and GeoDAS
Evaluation of background/baseline values
Geochemical mapping of urban areas. Examples on the munipal soils of Napoli, Avellino, Caserta, Benevento and Salerno towns
Thermodynamics of platinum, palladium, and rhodium with inorganic ligands in the environment.
Trace metals speciation and bioavailability in soil.
Environment pollution, epidemiology and Workers problems.
Medical Geology: Application to arsenic and fluorine poisoning in southwest Guizhou Province, China.
Contaminated land in Britain
The US brownfields program: Case studies reflect progress and challenges
Case history of site characterization in Italy: Bagnoli brownfield site.
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