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Mobius D., Miller R. Drops and Bubbles in Interfacial Research

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Mobius D., Miller R. Drops and Bubbles in Interfacial Research
Amsterdam, Lausanne, New York, Oxford, Shannon, Singapore, Tokyo: Elsevier, 1998. 729 p. — ISBN: 044482894X.
The maximum bubble pressure technique as a particular capillary pressure method is described, with emphasis on the most recent developments which made this technique applicable to extremely short adsorption times, down to the range of milliseconds and less. Problems connected with aerodynamics and hydrodynamics are discussed and used to show the limits of this widely used standard method.
J. Gaydos
The Gauss Laplace Equation for liquid axisymmetric meniscii
P. Chen, D.Y. Kwok, R.M. Prokop, O.I. del Rio, S.S. Susnar and A.W. Neumann Axisymmetric Drop Shape Analysis (ADSA) and its Applications
R. Miller and V.B.Fainerman
The drop volume technique
A.M. Seifert
The spinning drop tensiometry
L. Liggieri and F.Ravera
Capillary pressure tensiometry with applications in microgravity
V.B. Fainerman and R.Miller
The maximum bubble pressure tensiometry
K.D.Wantke and H.Fruhner
The oscillating bubbles method
S.S. Dukhin, R. Miller and G. Loglio
Physico-chemical Hydrodynamics of Rising Bubble
R. Herold, R. Dewitz, S. Schfirch and U. Pison
Pulmonary Surfactant and Biophysical Function
A.Passerone and R.Ricci
High temperature tensiometry
A.V. Nguyen and H. Stechemesser
Dynamics of the Impact Interaction between a Fine Solid Sphere and a Plane Gas-Liquid Interface
P.D.I. Fletcher
Interactions of Emulsion Drops
N.D.McMillan, V.Lawlor, M.Baker, and S.Smith
From stalagmometry to tensiography; The definition of the instrumental, software and analytical requirements for a new departure in drop analysis.
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