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Lieberman N., Lieberman E. A Working Guide to Process Equipment

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Lieberman N., Lieberman E. A Working Guide to Process Equipment
Mcgraw-Hill., 1996. — 425 p.
Chemical engineers and technicians often can't identify the source of equipment malfunctions because they don't understand how the equipment works. This easy-to-read guide offers explanations of the inner workings of equipment in petroleum refineries, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, fertilizer plants, and other continuous process facilities. Tips, worked out calculations, and simple process figures expedite troubleshooting of problems in heaters, turbines, vacuum systems, instrumentation, refrigeration systems, compressors, and much more.
Process Equipment Fundamentals
Basic Terms and Conditions
How Trays Work: Flooding
How Trays Work: Dumping
Why Control Tower Pressure
What Drives Distillation Towers
How Reboilers Work
Inspecting Tower Internals
How Instruments Work
Packed Towers: Better than Trays?
Steam and Condensate Systems
Bubble Point and Dew Point
Steam Strippers
Draw-Off Nozzle Hydraulics
Pumparounds and Tower Heat Flows
Condensers and Tower Pressure Control
Air Coolers
Deaerators and Steam Systems
Vacuum Systems: Steam Jet Ejectors
Steam Turbines
Surface Condensers
Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchanger Innovations
Fired Heaters: Fire- and Flue-Gas Side
Fired Heaters: Process Side
Refrigeration Systems
Cooling Water Systems
Catalytic Effects: Equilibrium and Kinetics
Centrifugal Pumps: Fundamentals of Operation
Centrifugal Pumps: Driver Limits
Centrifugal Pumps: Suction Pressure Limits
Control Valves
Separators: Vapor-Hydrocarbon-Water
Gas Compression: The Basic Idea
Centrifugal Compressors and Surge
Reciprocating Compressors
Compressor Efficiency
Safety Concerns
Corrosion - Process Units
Fluid Flow in Pipes
Super-Fractionation Separation Stage
Computer Modeling and Control
Field Troubleshooting Process Problems
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