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Pignataro B. (Ed.) Ideas in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences: Advances in Synthetic Chemistry

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Pignataro B. (Ed.) Ideas in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences: Advances in Synthetic Chemistry
Wiley, 2010. — 325 p.
Written by some of the most talented young chemists in Europe, this text covers most of the groundbreaking issues in chemistry. It provides an account of the latest research results in European chemistry based on a selection of leading young scientists participating in the 2008 European Young Chemists Award competition. The contributions range from self-organization to new catalytic synthetic methodologies to organocatalysis. In addition, the authors provide a current overview of their field of research and a preview of future directions.
Innovative Processes in Organic Chemistry
N-Hydroxy Derivatives: Key Organocatalysts for the Selective Free Radical Aerobic Oxidation of Organic Compounds
Gold-Catalyzed Intra- and Intermolecular Cycloadditions of Push-Pull Dienynes
N-Heterocyclic Carbenes in Copper-Catalyzed Reactions
Supported Organocatalysts as a Powerful Tool in Organic Synthesis
The Complex-Induced Proximity Effect in Organolithium Chemistry and its Importance in the Lithiation of Tertiary Amines
Predictive Tools in Organic Chemical Reactions
Double Hydrogen Bonding in Asymmetric Organocatalysis: A Mechanistic Perspective
Dynamic Covalent Capture: A Sensitive Tool for Detecting Molecular Interactions
Chemical Reactions, Sustainable Processes, and Environment
Furfural and Furfural-Based Industrial Chemicals
Multiple Bond-Forming Transformations: The Key Concept Toward Eco-Compatible Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Modeling of Indirect Phototransformation Reactions in Surface Waters
Organic Synthesis and Materials
Bottom-Up Approaches to Nanographenes through Organic Synthesis
Differentiated Ligands for the Sequential Construction of Crystalline Heterometallic Assemblies
Water-Soluble Perylene Dyes
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