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Pignataro B. (Ed.) Ideas in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences: Where Chemistry Meets Life

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Pignataro B. (Ed.) Ideas in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences: Where Chemistry Meets Life
Wiley, 2010. — 360 p.
Ideas in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences gives an account of the most recent results of research in life sciences in Europe based on a selection of leading young scientists participating in the 2008 European Young Chemists Award competition. In addition to this, the authors provide the state of the art of their field of research and the perspective or preview of future directions.
Biochemical Studies
The Role of Copper Ion and the Ubiquitin System in Neurodegenerative Disorders
The Bioinorganic and Organometallic Chemistry of Copper(III)
Drug Delivery
Vitamin B12: A Potential Targeting Molecule for Therapeutic Drug Delivery
Strategies for Microsphere-Mediated Cellular Delivery
Research in Therapeutics
Fundamental Processes in Radiation Damage to DNA: How Low-Energy Electrons Damage Biomolecules
Structure-Based Design on the Way to New Anti-Infectives
Drug-Membrane Interactions: Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Therapeutic and Toxic Effects of Drugs
Targeting Disease with Small Molecule Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interactions
Cracking The Glycocode: Recent Developments in Glycomics
Enzyme Chemistry
O2 Reactivity at Model Copper Systems: Mimicking Tyrosinase Activity
Structure-Property Relationship and Biosensing
Chirality In Biochemistry: A Computational Approach for Investigating Biomolecule Conformations
Collisional Mechanism-Based E-DNA Sensors: A General Platform for Label-Free Electrochemical Detection of Hybridization and DNA Binding Proteins
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