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Schmittinger P. (ed.) Chlorine: Principles and Industrial Practice

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Schmittinger P. (ed.) Chlorine: Principles and Industrial Practice
Wiley-VCH. 2000. — 254 p.
Chlorine is one of the most important inorganic basic chemicals It is not only an essential reaction component for the synthesis of numerous organic and inorganic chemicals and plastics, it is also of great importance for the production of pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, bleaches and insecticides.
Everything you need to know about chlorine is described in this book.
It provides a practical and up-to-date account of the scientific and technological basics for the production of chlorine and describes various applications and prospects for future developments.
Current issues, such as environmental protection, occupational health and safety aspects, storage and transportation, economic aspects, quality specifications and analysis are treated in a competent and well-balanced manner.
Chemists, chemical engineers and chemical process engineers in various industrial sectors, engineering companies, universities and government authorities will certainly profit from this comprehensive review.
Physical Properties.
Chemical Properties.
Chlor-Alkali Process.
Mercury Cell Process.
Diaphragm Process.
Membrane Process.
Comparison of the Processes.
Other Production Processes.
Chlorine Purification and Liquefaction.
Chlorine Handling.
Quality Specifications and Analytical Methods.
Uses of Chlorine.
Economic Aspects.
Chlorine-The Past and the Future.
Subject Index.
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