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Struckmeier J. Tutorial on Asymptotic Analysis I

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Struckmeier J. Tutorial on Asymptotic Analysis I
Department of Mathematics University of Kaiserslautern. - 50 pages.
Simple cases: Operators in R
Asymptotic Expansions
Asymptotic Expansions of Integrals
Perturbation Methods in Differential Equations
Singular Perturbation: Matching
This text summarizes parts of the exercises of the tutorial on 'Asymptotic Analysis' held in the winter term 1993/94 at the University of Kaisers]autern. The lecture was designed and held by Prof. Dr. H. Neunzert.
The main aspect of the lecture and the tutorial was to investigate the basic techniques used in Asymptotic Analysis. Each section is provided with a small review on the main topics which were discussed in the lecture. A list of references is given at the beginning of a section.
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