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Chemical Engineers Calculation and Shortcut Deskbook

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Chemical Engineers Calculation and Shortcut Deskbook
McGraw-Hill, 1969. — 135 p.
Книга содержит расчеты по следующим вопросам:
Quick conversion of NOx and CO emission rates
Flammability of low-Btu gases
Properties of mixtures via parametric analogy
Mentally converting from degrees F to degrees С
Estimate relative volatility quickly
Calculate kinematic viscosity of liquid water
Improved Z charts
Nomograph for moist-air properties
Calculate thermal conductivity for unassociated liquids
An exact solution to the Colebrook equation
Sizing pipe after steam traps
A quick estimate for centrifugal-pump efficiency
Unusual problems with centrifugal pumps
Check pump performance from motor data
Shortcut methods for determining optimum line sizing in SI units
Operating performance of reciprocating or positive-displacement compressors
Protecting against backflow in process lines
Predict gas/Iiquid-flow pressure drop
Startup of centrifugal pumps in flashing or cryogenic liquid service
Power consumption of double mechanical seals
Estimate maximum allowable pressures for steel piping
Use these guidelines for quick preliminary selection of heat-exchanger type
Assessing fouling in heat exchangers
Monitor fouling graphically
Weighted mean-temperature-difference for exchangers with phase changes
Conserving steam
Operating boilers intermittently
Find the most compact surface condenser
Does your surface condenser have spare capacity?
Oil removal from condensate
Improve efficiency of electric heating
How to predict batch-reactor heating and cooling
Purging prevents condenser corrosion
How effective are finned tubes in heat exchangers?
Relating transfer units and theoretical stages A new correlation for sieve trays
Using CAD systems to prepare McCabe-Thiele diagrams
Evaluating turndown of valve trays
Quickly determine multicomponent minimum reflux ratio
Extend the life of slurry agitators
Critical-velocity plots for moisture separators
How to simplify batch crystallizer design
How to keep track of instruments
Don’t overspecify control valves
Analyzing batch process cycles
Control disturbances? Check grounding
Ensuring the security of fie’d control cabinets
Avoid erratic control operation by suppressing relay arcs
A control algorithm for batch processes
Simplify batch temperature control
Making small-scale additions:
1. Meter small amounts of problem liquids
2. Measure small gas-flows
Try this simple pressure tap trick
Maintain maximum liquid level in pressurized vessels
Determine viscous-reaction endpoint easily
Onstream calibration of pressurized gas-flow controller
Desuperheater control-system cools gas
Prevent plug valves from sticking and jamming
Reducing equipment-cleaning wastes
The Pareto chart. . . .Tool for problem solving
Improve production efficiency via evolutionary operation
Directly determine reaction order
Determine saturation and stability indexes graphically
Protect turbomachinery from magnetism
Correctly position jam nuts
Quickly estimate steam turbine power
Electrical circuits in hazardous locations
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