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Sen D. Reference Book on Chemical Engineering. V. 1

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Sen D. Reference Book on Chemical Engineering. V. 1
New Age International Pvt Ltd Publishers, 2008. — 362 p.
A Chemical Engineer needs to know not only the inside changes in a Production Process viz. Chemical, Physical, Thermochemical, Thermodynamics and Kinetics, but also he has to know the basics of other engineering disciplines as well as current developments. During my long service period in Production, Process Design and Projects, I found most of these information are available at different sources and is not always possible to acquire these information always. ТЪ meet these gaps, I have given as much information as possible in Volume I and Volume II of this book on various processes, data tables, some unit operations etc. usually required by Professional Chemical Engineers and Chemical Engg. students. In addition, a chapter on Glossary of Terms has also been provided for refreshing the essential information on chemistry and other topics.
In preparation of this Reference Book on Chemical Engineering some senior engineers working in chemical industries have extended support in preparation of some chapters; in particular I like to thank K. Das Ex. ED, KRIBHCO, Hazira; D.K. Roy, Ex. GM, Namrup Fertiliser Unit; K.P. Sinha, Sr. Development Engineer, DCL, Professor U.P. Ganguly, Retired, Chem. Engg. Deptt., l.LT. Kharagpur had reviewed this book. The index for words had been provided. The author also likes to thank Ms. B. Sen for secretarial assistance in preparation of the manuscript.
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