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Branan C. Process Engineers Pocket Handbook

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Branan C. Process Engineers Pocket Handbook
Gulf Publishing Co, 1976. — 144 p.
This handbook is Intended to be abbreviated, so no long introductions! This information was put together for a traveling man. However, the handbook will be useful for others short of time and space. It is not Intended to be a book of conversion factors or property tables. Rather, it is a book of handy, brief approximation methods for a wide range of situations. Equations are used many times rather than charts, graphs, or nomographs. This permits desired miniaturization and with the advent of small hand held calculators the equations can be operated as quickly as graphs; especially so for programmable calculators. The no-nonsense format is aimed at easy retrieval of information and obtaining maximum mileage out of this handbook as a basic source.
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