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Brandt S., Dahmen H.D. The Picture Book of Quantum Mechanics

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Brandt S., Dahmen H.D. The Picture Book of Quantum Mechanics
4th ed. - Springer, 2012. - 472 pp.
The aim of this book is to explain the basic concepts and phenomena of quantum mechanics by means of visualization. Computer-generated illustrations are used extensively throughout the text, helping to establish the relation between quantum mechanics (wave functions, interference, atomic structure, and so forth) and classical physics (point mechanics, statistical mechanics, and wave optics). Even more important, by studying the pictures in parallel with the text, readers develop an intuition for such notoriously abstract phenomena as the tunnel effect, excitation and decay of metastable states, wave packet motion within a well, systems of distinguishable and indistinguishable particles, free wave packets and scattering in 3 dimensions, angular momentum decomposition, stationary bound states in various 3-dimensional potentials, Kepler motion of wave packets in the Coulomb field, spin and magnetic resonance. Illustrations from experiments in a variety of fields, including chemistry, molecular, atomic, nuclear, and particle physics, underline the basic as well as the practical importance of quantum mechanics.
In the present edition the illustrations of the Picture Book appear in full color. The scope of the book was extended again. There is now a chapter on hybridization and sections on bound states and on scattering in piecewise linear potentials in one dimension.
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