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Kershaw Baz. Cambridge History of British Theatre, Vol. 3, Since 1895

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Kershaw Baz. Cambridge History of British Theatre, Vol. 3, Since 1895
Kershaw Baz. Cambridge History of British Theatre , Vol. 3, Since 1895
This volume explores the rich and complex histories of English,
Scottish and Welsh theatres in the ‘long’ twentieth century since
1895. Twenty-three original essays by leading historians and critics
investigate the major aspects of theatrical performance, ranging
from the great actor-managers to humble seaside entertainers,
from between-warsWest End women playwrights to the roots of
professional theatre inWales and Scotland, and from the challenges
of alternative theatres to the economics of theatre under Thatcher.
Detailed surveys of key theatre practices and traditions across this
whole period are combined with case studies of influential productions,
critical years placed in historical perspective and evaluations
of theatre at the turn of the millennium. The collection presents
an exciting evolution in the scholarly study of modern British theatre
history, skilfully demonstrating how performance variously
became a critical litmus test of the great aesthetic, cultural, social,
political and economic upheavals in the age of extremes.
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