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Curley R. (Ed.) Renewable and Alternative Energy

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Curley R. (Ed.) Renewable and Alternative Energy
Britannica Educational Publishing + Rosen Education Service, 2012, 121 pages, ISBN: 1615304886
Energy: Past, Present, and Future
These titles examine the history, current usage, and future prospects of energy sources. The first book focuses on petroleum, natural gas, and coal. The second discusses solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal energy, biofuels, nuclear energy, and fuel cells. International measurements are presented with the U.S. equivalents in parentheses. British spelling is seen in words like "centres," "metres," and "odour." The coverage is comprehensive. The densely written texts utilize scientific and technological language that can be difficult, and the lack of diagrams for how hydroelectric or nuclear power plants work is unfortunate. Nonetheless, these fact-packed volumes document the world's reliance on fossil fuels and explore the feasibility of alternate energy technologies.
Catching Rays
Solar energy
Solar Heating
Solar Power
Solar Cells and Solar Panels
The Photovoltaic Effect
Solar Cell structure and operation
Solar panel design
Development of solar cells
Chasing the Wind
Wind energy
Wind Power
The History of Windmills
Wind Turbines
Horizontal-Axis machines
Vertical-Axis machines
Harnessing water
Hydroelectric Power
The Three Gorges Dam
Tidal Power and Wave Power
Water Turbines
Impulse turbines
Reaction turbines
Output and speed control
Turbine selection on the basis
specific speed
Turbine model testing
Tapping the Earth
Geothermal energy
Hot Springs
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Geothermal Power
Steam Turbines
Principal components
Blading design
Turbine staging
Power development
Converting biomass
Types of Biofuels
The Manufacture of Ethanol
Economic and Environmental
New Findings on Biofuels
Splitting the Atom
Nuclear energy
Nuclear Fission
Chain Reaction and Criticality
Reactor Control
Fissile and Fertile Materials
Heat Removal
Critical Concentration and Size
Thermal, Intermediate, and Fast Reactors
The International Atomic
Energy Agency
Nuclear reactor design and components
Fuel types
Coolants and moderators
Reactor Control Elements
Structural Components
Coolant system
Containment System
Types of Reactors
Light-water reactor
High-temperature Gas-cooled reactor
Liquid-metal reactors
CANDU reactor
Advanced Gas-cooled reactor
Other power reactor types
Fuel cells
Principles of operation
The electrochemical system
Designing Fuel Cell systems
Types of Fuel Cells
Alkaline Fuel cells
Phosphoric Acid Fuel cells
Molten carbonate Fuel cells
Solid oxide Fuel cells
Solid polymer electrolyte
Fuel cells
Proton exchange membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell
Development of Fuel Cells
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