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Rybakov Anatoli. Children of the Arbat

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Rybakov Anatoli. Children of the Arbat
London, Melbourne: Hutchinson, 1988. - 261 с. Перевод с русского: Harold Shukman.
Название русского оригинала: Дети Арбата.
Скан произведен с подписанной и подаренной автором книги.
Первая часть трилогии.
Children of the Arbat in part examines a group of young people who having grown up together, have lives that as the story unfolds, dramatically diverge.
It also examines the machinations of Stalin, to overthrow the Pro-Zinoviev block in Leningrad via a longline of small and seemingly unrelated moves.
The story essentially gives three subplots. The first follows Sasha Pankratov, a young intellectual, and nephew of Ryazanov. For reasons that are never clear, the Soviet authorities implicate him in a very low level act of political agitation for which he earns three years of Siberian exile. The characters he meets on the way, are often profoundly warm, with a humanity and articulation that very clearly brings to life the experience morally and physically of being exiled.
Meanwhile in tandem, the life of Varya, a young classmate and representing the voice of critical thinking Russia, wends her way through life, meeting with a host of characters honourable and otherwise.
The third part, examines Stalin, in the form of historical fact and literary licence. Stalins involvement with Kirov is examined and ultimately it is this plot that story is exploring the lead-up to the great terror via the purging of the Pro-Zinoviev Leningrad Block.
This is an excellent book on many levels. There are real voices of humanity in the story, flashes of high insight into politics and human nature. Some sense of exiles hardship is obtained in a physical and emotional sense. The sense of their being no safety from locals violence is particularly poignant.
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