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Donovan Sanchez Laura. Fun English 2. Pupil's Book

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Donovan Sanchez Laura. Fun English 2. Pupil's Book
Longman, 2003. - 72 p. ISBN-10: 058278946X, ISBN-13: 978-0582789463
Fun English will motivate your pupils and also give you the flexibility and support you need to create fun, exciting lessons no matter what your teaching situation. It is particularly appropriate for mixed-ability classes as it includes extra exercises for both fast-finishers and those who need more support.
Links English lessons to other areas of the school curriculum by introducing cross-curricular and cultural themes. Caters for all learning styles with a wide range of fun activities – songs, chants, stories and games. Constantly revises and reinforces what is being taught through an achievable syllabu.
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