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Ferreira A.J.M., Kansa E.J., Fasshauer G.E., Leitão V.M.A.(Editors), Progress on Meshless Methods

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Ferreira A.J.M., Kansa E.J., Fasshauer G.E., Leitão V.M.A.(Editors), Progress on Meshless Methods
Springer, 2009 - Mathematics - 305 pages.
In recent years meshless/meshfree methods have gained considerable attention in engineering and applied mathematics. The variety of problems that are now being addressed by these techniques continues to expand and the quality of the results obtained demonstrates the effectiveness of many of the methods currently available. The book presents a significant sample of the state of the art in the field with methods that have reached a certain level of maturity while also addressing many open issues. The book collects extended original contributions presented at the Second ECCOMAS Conference on Meshless Methods held in 2007 in Porto. The list of contributors reveals a fortunate mix of highly distinguished authors as well as quite young but very active and promising researchers, thus giving the reader an interesting and updated view of different meshless approximation methods and their range of applications. The material presented is appropriate for researchers, engineers, physicists, applied mathematicians and graduate students interested in this active research area.
Particular Solution of Poisson Problems Using Cardinal Lagrangian Polyharmonic Splines.
A Meshless Solution to the pLaplace Equation.
Localized Radial Basis Functions with Partition of Unity Properties.
Preconditioning of Radial Basis Function Interpolation Systems via Accelerated Iterated Approximate Moving Least Squares Approximation.
Arbitrary Precision Computations of Variations of Kansas Method.
A Meshless Approach for the Analysis of Orthotropic Shells Using a HigherOrder Theory and an Optimization Technique.
An OrderN Complexity Meshless Algorithm Based on Local Hermitian Interpolation.
On the Determination of a Robin Boundary Coefficient in an Elastic Cavity Using the MFS.
Orbital HPClouds for Quantum Systems.
The Radial Natural Neighbours Interpolators Extended to Elastoplasticity.
Static and Damage Analyses of Shear Deformable Laminated Composite Plates Using the Radial Point Interpolation Method.
Analysis of Tensile Structures with the Element Free Galerkin Method.
Towards an Isogeometric Meshless Natural Element Method.
A Partition of UnityBased Multiscale Method.
Application of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method in Engineering Problems.
Visualization of Meshless Simulations Using Fourier Volume Rendering.
Several Meshless Solution Techniques for the Stokes Flow Equations.
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