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Matsui M. Manufacturing and Service Enterprise with Risks: A Stochastic Management Approach

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Matsui M. Manufacturing and Service Enterprise with Risks: A Stochastic Management Approach
Springer, 2008. – 293 p. – ISBN: 0387848037, 9780387848037
This book presents a stochastic management approach for manufacturing and service enterprises with risks by a game/strategic view in order to show the goal and constraints on these enterprises and to provide a strategic/collaborative solution for management with risks in heterogeneity. The book focuses on the three manufacturing classes – continuous, point-wise and flexible stream types – under risks. These streams are first studied using the respective stochastic processes and are characterized and developed as a queueing/strategic control problem of look-ahead/buffer, selection/switchover, and arrangement/routings. Behaviors of some design/control variables are shown, and useful theories for design are established. Divided into seven sections, the book first looks at the strategic enterprise system and management under risk and then considers the Stochastic Management Model; Stream Risk Processes; Flexible Risk Processes; Ellipse Management with Risk Demand and Supply Risk Chain; and Emerging Challenge, which looks toward further management and strategy development under risks. A wide variety of manufacturing and service systems are considered, including job shops, assembly lines, flexible manufacturing and service systems, supply chains, and the interaction between production and sales. Students, researchers, consultants, practicing engineers and managers who design, develop, or assess production or service enterprises will find much to appreciate here.
Keywords » ellipse theory/ balanced scorecard - enterprise modeling - manufacturing queues - service/sales enterprise - strategic/gaming management - supply chain management
Introduction.- Management in the risk age.- Risk chains and balancing.- Management cycle model.- Management with sales risk.- Continuous risk streams.- Point-wise risk processes.- Flexible cell system.- Job/customers routing.- Assembly enterprise.- Non-assembly types.- 2MGM chains and balancing.- Manufacturing SCM.- Summary and remarks.- Appendix.- Index.
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