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Bowen J.R., Leyer J.C., Soloukhin R.I. (Ed) Dynamics of explosions, Volume 106, Progress in astronautics and aeronautics

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Bowen J.R., Leyer J.C., Soloukhin R.I. (Ed) Dynamics of explosions, Volume 106, Progress in astronautics and aeronautics
The University of Michigan,American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1986. - 664 p.
Companion volumes, Dynamics of Explosions and Dynamics of Reactive Systems, present revised and edited versions papers given at the Tenth International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems held in Berkeley, CA in August 1985. Dynamics of Explosions primarily concerns the interrelationship between the rate processes of energy deposition in a compressible medium and the concurrent nonsteady flow as it typically occurs in explosion phenomena. In this volume, Dynamics of Explosions, papers have been arranged into chapters on flame acceleration and transition to detonation; initiation and transmission of detonations; detonation structure and limit propagation; detonation kinetics, structure, and boundary effects; explosions, reflections, and blast waves; heterogeneous detonations and explosions; and condensed phase shocks and detonations.
On the Transition from Deflagration to Detonation
Influence of Chemical Composition on the Deflagration-Detonation Transition
Transmission of a Flame from a Rough to a Smooth-Walled Tube
Investigation of the Explosion-Enhancing Properties of a Pipe-Rack-Like Obstacle Array
The Effect of Transverse Venting on Flame Acceleration and Transition to Detonation in a Large Channel
Truly Unconfined Deflagrations of Ethylene-Air Mixtures
The Influence of Experimental Condition on the Reinitiation of Detonation Across an Inert Region
Critical Diameter of Diffraction for Strong Plane Detonations
Detonation Diffraction by Divergent Channels
Normal Shock Wave Reflection on Porous Compressible Material
Correlation Between Shock Flame Predetonation Zone Size and Cell Spacing in Critically Initiated Spherical Detonations
Critical Charge for the Direct Initiation of Detonation in Gaseous Fuel-Air Mixtures
Detonation Cell Size Measurements in Hydrogen-Air-Steam Mixtures
Influence of Cellular Regularity on the Behaviorof Gaseous Detonations
Near-Limit Propagation of Detonation in Tubes
Chemical Kinetics of Hydrogen-Air-Diluent Detonations
Chemical Kinetics and Cellular Structure of Detonations in Hydrogen Sulfide and Air
Influence of Hydrocarbon Additives on the Detonation Velocity of Methane-Air Mixtures at Elevated Initial Pressures
The Influence of Physical Boundaries on Gaseous Detonation Waves
Oblique Shock Wave Reflections in SF6: A Comparison of Calculation and Experiment
Mach Reflection from an HE-Driven Blast Wave
Validation of Numerical Codes for the Simulation of Blast Generated by Vapor Cloud Explosions
Approximate Analytical Solutions for Strong Shocks with Variable Energy
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