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Zukas J.A. (Ed.) High Velocity Impact Dynamics

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Zukas J.A. (Ed.) High Velocity Impact Dynamics
The University of Michigan, Wiley, 1990. — 935 p. — ISBN 9780471514442
This compendium of mathematical techniques for the modeling and simulation of high-velocity impacts presents the various analytical and experimental aspects of impact dynamics and describes the responses of a variety of materials and structures under impact. Coverage is extended beyond that of the author's Impact Dynamics and deals with new topics in impacts involving inert materials, including the dynamic response to energetic and inert materials. Treatment uses classical mechanics along with the conservation laws, combined with failure analysis.
Introduction to Impact Phenomena
Material Failure at High Strain Rates
Material Characterization at High Strain Rates
Introduction to penetration mechanics
Long rod penetration mechanics
Analytical models for kinetic energy penetration
High velocity impact dynamics: Analytical modeling and plate penetration dynamics
Experimental methods for terminal ballistics and impact physics
Surveys for computer codes for impact simulation
Introduction to energetic materials
Fundamentals of shaped charges
Experimental methods for explosive-metal interaction studies
Numerical modeling of impact involving energetic materials
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