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Li X. (Ed.) Green Energy: Basic Concepts and Fundamentals

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Li X. (Ed.) Green Energy: Basic Concepts and Fundamentals
Springer-Verlag, London, 2011, 286 pages, ISBN: 184882646X
Progress in Green Energy
Green Energy: Basic Concepts and Fundamentals addresses the need for diversity within energy systems. It focuses on the theme of energy diversity with local resources, and the integration and optimisation of conventional and alternative energy systems. The book provides a summary of the state-of-art knowledge and technology for future energy systems, covering topics such as: green energy carriers; emission control, reduction, and abatement; energy conversation and management; and energy environment interaction. This first book in the Progress in Green Energy series will be of value to energy researchers, technology developers and professionals from policy makers to engineers, as well as to advanced undergraduate and postgraduates studying in the field.
Green Energy for Sustainability and Energy Security
Exergy Analysis of Green Energy Systems
Wind Speed Distribution – A Theoretical Approach to Probability Density Function
Co-combustion and Gasification of Coal and Cattle Biomass: a Review of Research and Experimentation
Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Modeling – a Pore-scale Perspective
Nanostructured Hydrides for Solid State Hydrogen Storage for Vehicular Applications
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