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Smith J. (Ed.) Technology of Reduced Additive Foods

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Smith J. (Ed.) Technology of Reduced Additive Foods
2nd edition. — Blackwell Science, 2004. — 221 pages, ISBN: 0632055324.
Since some food additives have been shown to be harmful to certain individuals, a common perception now is that all food additives are potentially dangerous. This had led to a large market for products making minimal use of additives. Tight regulatory control and labelling requirements provide further impetus for the development of these products.
The approach taken in this book is to examine specific aspects of the industry where important contributions are being made to avoid or reduce the use of additives or to create new, natural and more acceptable additives which can replace the old ones. There is a tremendous amount of work underway in this field and to cover it comprehensively would fill many volumes. This volume addresses the areas where there has been a considerable amount of recent activity and published results.
New animal-derived ingredients.
New marine-derived ingredients.
The technology of reduced additive breadmaking.
Novel food packaging.
Antimicrobial preservative-reduced foods.
New plant-derived ingredients.
Reduced additive brewing and winemaking.
Food from supplement-fed animals.
Starter cultures.
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