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Harmathy T.Z. (Ed.) Fire Safety: Science and Engineering

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Harmathy T.Z. (Ed.) Fire Safety: Science and Engineering
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), 1985, 442 pages, ISBN: 080310426X 9780803104266
ASTM Special Technical Paper 882
The techniques, models, and research results provide engineering approaches for predicting the course of fire, the response of fire safety features, and the impact on people and property.
Specific subject include: fire risk, performance standards, fire modeling, fire safety of structures, flame spread, the smoke problem, sprinklering and human aspects of fires.
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A Note of Appreciation to Reviewers
ASTM Editorial Staff
The Potential of Scientifically Based Fire Protection Engineering?
Fire Performance Standards for Buildings
Fire Risk Assessment: Integrating Fire Testing and Fire Codes
Standard Room Fire Test Development at the National Bureau of Standards
Combustible Linings and Room Fire Growth—A First Analysis
Future Directions for Modeling the Spread of Fire, Smoke, and Toxic Gases
Scaling Correlations of Flashover Experiments
Stochastic Modelling of Fire Growth
Application of the Standard Fire Curve for Expressing Natural Fires for Design Purposes
Design of Buildings for Prescribed Levels of Structural Fire Safety
Fire Performance of Reinforced Concrete Columns
Effect of Fire Exposure on Structural Response and Fireproofing Requirements of Structural Steel Frame Assemblies
Computer Modeling the Fire Endurance of Floor Systems in Steel-Framed Buildings
New Concepts for Measuring Flanne Spread Properties
Prediction of Uplioistered Cliair Heat Release Rates from Bench-Scale Measurements
Smoke Production in Fires: Small-Scale Experinnents
Control Safety Considerations for HVAC Smoke Management Teciiniques
The Need and Availability of Test Methods for Measuring the Smoke Leakage Characteristics of Door Assennblies
An Evaluation of Toxic Hazards from Full-Scale Furnished Roonn Fire Studies
Applications of Sprinkler Technology—Early Suppression of High-Challenge Fires with Fast-Response Sprinkler
Definition of the Concentration Gradient Above Flammable Liquids
The Human Aspects of Fires in Buildings—A Review of Research in the United Kingdom
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