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Couper J.R. Chemical Process Equipment: Selection and Design

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Couper J.R. Chemical Process Equipment: Selection and Design
Butterworth-Heinemann, 1990. — 773 p. — ISBN: 0750693851.
This is an excellent book that can serve as the text for an undergraduate course in plant design. It will also be very useful as a sourcebook for process-design engineers that work for smaller companies that do not have their own process equipment design standards. The new authors have done an outstanding job in updating and expanding the original book by Professor Walas
List of Examples
Rules of Thumb: Summary
Process Control
Drivers for Moving Equipment
Transfer of Solids
Flow of Fluids
Fluid Transport Equipment
Heat Transfer and Heat Exchangers
Dryers and Cooling Towers
Mixing and Agitation
Solid-Liquid Separation
Disintegration, Agglomeration, and Size Separation of Particulate Solids
Distillation and Gas Absorbtion
Extraction and Leaching
Adsorbtion and Ion Exchange
Crystallization from Solutions and Melts
Chemical Reactors
Process Vessels
Other Topics
Costs of Individual Equipment
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